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Insulated Boxes

Perishable food transport has long been reliant on using large quantities of dry ice in order to maintain the low temps required for transporting their products but there is now a better solution.
After being approached to find an alternatives to this issue, B&Z Refrigeration Solutions have developed a specially designed transport box that drastically reduces the need for large dry ice volumes during transport.
Boxes have been carefully manufactured using a specialised foam insulation & an internal layer of metallised film to maximise cold energy retention within its walls. They can be made to any size & shape to suit our client’s specific needs & cooling requirements.

  • Specialized foam insulation

  • Customized to any size & shape

  • Heavy-duty materials

  • Client logo & printing

Creative quality with our custom-made Insulated boxes

What can it do for your business?

Results data (including that from a leading Australian company) shows that, in some cases, these insulated boxes can reduce dry ice usage by up to 80% & where long-distance transport is required, duration at the required temperature can be increased by >400%. The custom box design doesn’t only reduce dry ice consumption but increases efficiency & reduces costs making it a viable alternative for many customers.

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