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Transportation of plasma, blood and platelets currently rests primarily on dry ice usage for cooling to maintain the low temperature levels required. This solution however presents more problems as dry ice is a hazardous, inflexible, costly & environmentally unfriendly product.
B&Z Refrigeration Solutions have introduced an innovative new & re-usable product to combat this & it’s called the “Medi-Can”.

  • Satellite insulation technology

  • Neoprene exterior covering

  • LED internal temperature display

  • Vacuum sealed protective chamber

  • Patented gel solution

  • Tamper-proof locking mechanism

Cutting-edge medical transport Medi-Can

How does it work?

Medi-Can is a kit consisting of a complete, advanced cold chain replacement to the current methods being used today. The cutting-edge design consists of a “Canister” to safely house plasma, blood and platelet samples contained within “Pouches”.The Medi-Can system cleverly uses a patented gel solution to harness the cold energy supply within, store it & then re-releases. The pouch slips over current plasma, blood or platelet bags before being placed in the freezers on site. Whilst in the freezer, the pouch is building its bank of cold energy & stores it within the patented cell network. When it’s time for transport the pouch is removed from the freezer & stored inside the insulated, vacuum sealed, protective canister for its logistic journey.

What is Medi-Can made of?

The Medi-Can is a custom-made, sealable canister that can be produced in several sizes to suit a customer’s requirements. The canister boasts the same insulation used with NASA satellites, a sealed chamber to remove damage risks to its contents inside & a tamper-proof locking mechanism for added safety during transportation. In addition to the patented gel solution, the pouches are made from a robust plastic designed to hold and direct temperature while still enabling staff to identify all labels of the contents within.
The combination of all these elements has led to B&Z achieving results for cooling that have so far been unattainable ever before.

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